The National Society of Natural-Born Citizens of the United States

Presidents, Parents and Amendments

Election   Inauguration     Political        President                     Birthday               Birth Place                  Amendment

Year        Administration    Party         


1-1789    4-30-1789          None    1st George Washington       2-11-1731/2    Pope's Creek, Virginia              

               1st Admin.                       F:   Augustine Washington  c. 1694                  Wakefield, Virginia           

                                                      M:   Mary Ball                        1708 or 1709          Lanc. Co.,Virginia         

2-1792    3-4-1793            None           George Washington                                                                    I-X

                                                             New Style 2-22-1732 Birth Date                                      Passed 9-25-1789

                                                             Surveyor-Planter                                                          Ratified 12-15-1791

                                                             Veteran:French & Indian War                                                       XI

                                                             Veteran: Revolutionary War                                              Passed 3-4-1794

                                                             Signer: Constitution                                                         Ratified 2-7-1795

                                                             Delegate & President: Constitutional Convention 

                                                             Died: 12-14-1799 Acute Laryngitis


3-1796    3-4-1797     Federalist     2nd John Adams, Jr.          10-19-1734/5              Quincy, Massachusetts

               2nd Admin.                       F:    John Adams        2-8-1690/1                          Quincy, Massachusetts

                                                       M:    Susanna Boylston    3-5-1708/9                Brookline, Massachusetts

                                                               New Style 10-30-1735 Birth Date


                                                               Organizer(Sons of Liberty)

                                                               Delegate(Continental Conv.)

                                                               Signer:Declaration of Independence

                                                               Wrote Massachusetts Constitution 1779

                                                               Elected by House of Representatives

                                                               First Vice-President 

                                                               Died:7-4-1826 Old Age 90 years and 247 days


4-1800   3-4-1801 Dem/Repub  3rd Thomas Jefferson   4-2-1742/3            Goochland,Virginia

               3rd Admin.                    F: Peter Jefferson   2-29-1707/8              Chesterfield Co.,VA             XII

                                                   M:Jane Randolph     2-20-1720   Shadwell,London,England Passed 12-9-1803

5-1804   3-4-1805  Dem/Repub      Thomas Jefferson                                                                  Ratified 6-15-1804

                                                       New Style 4-13-1743 Birth Date

                                                       Lawyer(William & Mary)-Planter

                                                       Member:House of Burgess Virginia

                                                       Delegate:Continental Congress

                                                       Signer:Declaration of Independence


                                                       Minister to France

                                                       Secretary of State-Resigned


                                                       Elected by House of Representatives

                                                       First Pedophile President

                                                       First Homosexual President

                                                       Died:7-4-1826 Syphilis


6-1808    3-4-1809    Democrat 4th  James Madison, Jr.    3-5-1750/1                           Port Conway,Virginia

               4th Admin.                   F:   James Madison             3-27-1723                           Orange Co.,Virginia

                                                   M:  Eleanor Rose "Nelly" Conway  1-9-1731/2              Caroline Co.,Virginia

7-1812    3-4-1813    Democrat        James Madison, Jr.

                                                         New Style 3-16-1751 Birth Date


                                                         Member: House of Delegates Virgina

                                                         Delegate:Continental Congress

                                                         Delegate:Constitutional Convention


                                                         Member:House of Representatives

                                                         Secretary of State

                                                         Died:6-28-1836 Heart Failure


8-1816    3-4-1817    Democrat  5th James Monroe              4-28-1758             Westmoreland Co.,Virgina 

               5th Admin.                    F:  Spence Monroe                c. 1727              Westmoreland Co.,Virginia

                                                   M:  Elizabeth Jones                                    prob. King George Co.,Virginia

9-1820    3-4-1821   Democrat         James Monroe


                                                         Veteran:Revolutionary War

                                                         Member:House of Representatives


                                                         Minister to France


                                                         Secretary of State

                                                         Secretary of War

                                                         Died:7-4-1831 Heart Failure


10-1824    3-4-1825 Democrat  6th  John Quincy Adams         7-11-1767            Braintree,Massachusetts

                 6th Admin.                 F:   John Adams, Jr.              10-19-1735               Quincy,Massachusetts

                                                  M:   Abigail Smith                  11-23-1744         Weymouth,Massachusetts

                                                         Did not win Popular/Majority vote

                                                         Did not win Electoral College vote

                                                         Elected by House of Representatives

                                                         Son of second President

                                                         Fluent in 7 languages  


                                                         Minister to Prussia

                                                         Minister to Holland


                                                         Minister to Russia

                                                         Ambassador to England

                                                         Secretary of State

                                                         Member:House of Representatives

                                                         Died:2-23-1848 Strokes


11-1828    3-4-1829  Democrat 7th Andrew Jackson, Jr.   3-15-1767                     Waxhaws,South Carolina

                 7th Admin.                F:   Andrew Jackson    in Waxhaws,SC       Carrickfergus,Antrim,Ireland

                                                 M:   Elizabeth Hutchinson    by 1760 or 61  Carrickfergus,Antrim,Ireland

12-1832   3-4-1833   Democrat       Andrew Jackson, Jr.


                                                        Veteran:Revoluonary War

                                                        Veteran:War of 1812

                                                        Member:House of Representatives


                                                        Died:6-8-1845 Dropsey & Old Wounds


13-1836  3-4-1837  Democrat  8th  Martin Van Buren          12-5-1782                        Kinderhook,New York

                8th Admin.                F:    Abraham Van Buren      2-27-1737                               Albany,New York

                                                M:    Maria Hoes                    1-16-1747/8                       Claverack,New York



                                                        Governor:New York

                                                        Secretary of State

                                                        Founder:Free-Soil Party 1848

                                                        Died:7-24-1862 Bronchial Asthma


14-1840   3-4-1841   Whig        9th William Henry Harrison    2-9-1773                     Charles City Co.,Virgina

                9th Admin.                  F:   Benjamin Harrison              4-5-1726                 Charles City Co.,Virgina

                                                  M:   Elizabeth Bassett              12-13-1730                              Elthan,Virgina


                                                         Son of Signer:Declaration of Independence

                                                         Grandfather of 23rd President


                                                         Governor:Indian Territory

                                                         Member:House of Representatives


                                                         Ambassador to Columbia

                                                         First President to die in White House

                                                         Died:4-4-1841 Billious Pleurisy-Pneumonia


              4-6-1841    Whig        10th John Tyler IV                  3-29-1790                            Greenway,Virgina

             10th Admin.                 F:     John Tyler III                  2-28-1747                             Yarmouth,Virgina

                                                 M:    Mary Marot Armistead        c. 1761                       prob. York Co.,Virgina


                                                         1st Vice-President to assume Presidency

                                                         State Legislature:Virgina 

                                                         Member:House of Representatives



                                                         Died: 1-18-1862 Billiousness and Bronchitis


15-1844  3-4-1845  Democrat 11th  James Knox Polk      11-2-1795                  Mecklenburg Co.,North Carolina

              11th Admin.                 F:    Samuel Polk                 7-5-1772                  prob. Tryon Co.,North Carolina 

                                                 M:    Mary Knox or Jean Gracy Knox 11-13-1776  prob Iredell Co.,North Carolina   


                                                         Member:House of Representatives

                                                         Speaker of the House


                                                         Did not win Popular/Majority vote 1844

                                                         Died: 6-15-1849 Possibly Cholera


16-1848  3-5-1849    Whig      12th  Zachary Taylor                11-24-1784                      Montebello,Virgina

               12th Admin.                F:    Richard Taylor                      4-3-1744                     Orange Co.,Virgina

                                                 M:    Sarah Dabney Strother       12-14-1760         prob. Orange Co.,Virgina

                                                         Veteran:40 years service

                                                         Veteran:War of 1812

                                                         Veteran:Black Hawk War

                                                         Veteran:Mexican War

                                                         Did not win Popular/Majority vote in 1848

                                                         Died:7-9-1850 Acute Indigestion


              7-10-1850    Whig    13th  Millard Fillmore          1-7-1800                        Locke Township,New York

             13th Admin.                 F:    Nathaniel Fillmore, Jr.   4-19-1771                           Bennington,Vermont

                                                M:    Phoebe Millard              8-12-1781                     Pittsfield,Massachusetts

                                                        2nd Vice-President to assume Presidency


                                                        Founder:Anti-Mason Party

                                                        Member:House of Representatives

                                                        Know Nothing (American) Party Candidate

                                                        Died:3-8-1874 Strokes


17-1852  3-4-1853 Democrat 14th  Franklin Pierce               11-23-1804                 Hillsboro,New Hampshire

              14th Admin.                 F:   Benjamin Pierce, Jr.       12-25-1757               Chelmsford,Massachusetts

                                                 M:   Anna Kendrick                10-30-1768                  Amherst,New Hampshire


                                                        Son of Revolutionary War hero

                                                        Member:House of Representatives


                                                        Veteran:Mexican War

                                                        Died:10-8-1869 Dropsy and Inflammation of the Stomach


18-1856 3-4-1857  Democrat  15th James Buchanan, Jr.    4-23-1791             near Mercersburg,Pennsylvania

              15th Admin.                F:    James Buchanan    in U.S. by 1781   Ramelton,Donegal,Ireland@1761

                                                M:    Elizabeth Speer     c. 1767                               Lancaster Co.,Pennsylvania


                                                        Veteran:War of 1812

                                                        Did not win Popular/Majority vote 1856

                                                        Dred Scott 3-6-1857

                                                        Died:6-1-1868 Pneumonia and Heart Lining Inflammation


19-1860 3-4-1861 Republican16th  Abraham Lincoln                2-12-1809                      Hodgenville,Kentucky

               16th Admin.              F:     Thomas Lincoln                   1-6-1778                         Augusta Co.,Virgina

                                               M:     Nancy Hanks                       2-5-1784                         Cambell Co.,Virgina

20-1864  3-4-1865  Republican       Abraham Lincoln


                                                        Veteran:Black Hawk War

                                                        Member:IL Legislature

                                                        Member:House of Representatives

                                                        Won less than 40% popular vote 1860

                                                        Died 4-15-1865 Assassinated


           4-15-1865  Republican  17th Andrew Johnson   12-29-1808        Raleigh,North Carolina              XIII

          17th Admin.                     F:    Jacob Johnson             4-17-1778   Raleigh,North Carolina    Passed 1-31-1865

                                                 M:    Mary "Polly" McDonough 7-17-1782 prob. Beaufort Co.,NC   Ratified 12-6-1865

                                                         Tailor                                                                                                XIV

                                                         3rd Vice-President to assume Presidency                      Passed 6-13-1866

                                                         Member:House of Representatives                                       Ratified 7-9-1868


                                                         1st Impeached / not convicted

                                                         Member:Senate-only former President elected to Senate

                                                         Died:7-31-1875 Effect of Cholera and Strokes                                                                           


21-1868 3-4-1869  Republican 18th Ulysses Simpson Grant    4-27-1822      Port Pleasant,Ohio  Passed 2-26-1869

               18th Admin.                F:    Jesse Root Grant       1-23-1794    Greesburg,Pennsylvania  Ratified 2-3-1870 

                                                 M:    Hannah Simpson       11-23-1798     Horsham,Pennsylvania

22-1872   3-4-1873  Republican       Ulysses Simpson Grant

                                                         West Point Graduate 1843

                                                         Veteran:Mexican War

                                                         Veteran:Civil War

                                                         Died:7-23-1885 Cancer


23-1876  3-4-877  Republican 19th  Rutherford Birchard Hayes      10-4-1822                  Delaware,Ohio

               19th Admin.               F:     Rutherford Hayes, Jr.                     1-4-1787    Brattleboro, Vermont

                                                M:     Sophia Birchard                         4-15-1792        Wilmington,Vermont


                                                         Veteran:Civil War


                                                         Did not win Popular/Majority vote 1876

                                                         Died:1-17-1893 Heart Attack-Failure


24-1880  3-4-1881  Republican 20th James Abram Garfield      11-19-1831              Orange Township,Ohio

              20th Admin.                 F:     Abram Garfield                      12-28-1799           Worchester,New York

                                                 M:     Eliza Ballou                           9-21-1801       Richmond,New Hampshire

                                                          Lawyer(Williams College)

                                                          Veteran:Civil War

                                                          Member:House of Representatives 

                                                          Did not win Popular/Majority vote 1880

                                                          Died 9-19-1881 Assassinated


           9-19-1881  Republican  21st Chester Alan Arthur      10-5-1830                          North Fairfield,Vermont

           21st Admin.                    F:    Reverand William Arthur   12-5-1796  near Ballymena,Antrim,Ireland

                                                 M:    Malvina Stone                  4-29-1802                              Berkshire,Vermont


                                                         4th Vice-President to assume Presidency

                                                         Chinese Exclusion Act 1882

                                                         Died:11-18-1886 Bright's Disease-Stroke


25-1884  3-4-1885  Democrat 22nd Stephen Grover Cleveland         3-18-1837               Caldwell,New Jersey

               22nd Admin.              F:     Reverend Richard Falley Cleveland  6-19-1804         Norwich,Connecticut

                                                M:     Anne Neal                                          2-4-1806           Baltimore,Maryland



                                                         Governor:New York

                                                         Did not win Popular/Majority vote 1884

                                                         Died:6-24-1908 Heart Failure                                                               


26-1888 3-4-1889 Republican 23rd Benjamin Harrison    8-20-1833                                       North Bend,Ohio

               23rd Admin.               F:    John Scott Harrison        10-4-1804                               Vincennes,Indiana

                                                M:    Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin  7-18-1810                   Mercersburg,Pennsylvania


                                                        Grandson of 9th President

                                                        Veteran:Civil War


                                                        Did not win Popular/Majority vote in 1888

                                                        Died:3-13-1901 Pneumonia


27-1892   3-4-1893  Democrat  22nd Stephen Grover Cleveland     see President 22

               24th Admin.                         Only President with non-consecutive terms

                                                           Did not win Popular/Majority vote 1892

                                                           Died:6-24-1908 Heart Failure


28-1896  3-4-1897  Republican 24th William McKinley, Jr.           1-29-1843                             Niles,Ohio

               25th Admin.                 F:    William McKinley               11-15-1807    Wolf Creek, Pennsylvania

                                                   M:   Nancy Campbell Allison       4-22-1809           Columbiana Co.,Ohio

29-1900   3-4-1901 Republican         William McKinley, Jr.


                                                          Veteran:Civil War

                                                          Member:House of Representatives


                                                          Died 9-14-1901 Assassinated


             9-14-1901 Republican 25th Theodore "T. R." Roosevelt, Jr.     10-27-1858           New York,New York

            26th Admin.                   F:    Theodore Roosevelt                        9-22-1831          New York,New York

                                                 M:    Martha Bulloch                   7-8-1834                        Hartford,Connecticut 

30-1904 3-4-1905  Republican         Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

                                                         5th Vice-President to assume the Presidency



                                                         Member:NY Legislature (youngest member)

                                                         Veteran:Spanish-American War

                                                         Governor:New York

                                                         Survived Assassination attempt

                                                         Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

                                                         Progressive Party Candidate in 1912 

                                                         Died:1-6-1919 Cardiac Embolism


31-1908 3-4-1909  Republican  26th  William Howard Taft         9-15-1857        Cincinnati,Ohio               XVI

              27th Admin.                 F:      Alphonso Taft              11-5-1810    Townshend,Vermont    Passed 7-2-1909

                                                  M:     Louisa(Louise)Maria Torrey  9-11-1827        Boston,Mass   Ratified 2-3-1913

                                                           Lawyer(Univ. of Cincinnati)Instructor                                             XVII

                                                           Chief Justice of the Supreme Court                                   Passed 5-13-1912 

                                                           Died:3-8-1930 Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease                     Ratified 4-8-1913


32-1912 3-4-1913 Democrat  27th Thomas Woodrow Wilson          12-28-1856   Staunton,VA            XVIII

               28th Admin.              F: Reverend Joseph Ruggles Wilson 2-28-1822 Steubenville,OH Passed 12-18-1917

                                               M: Janet E. "Jessie" Woodrow  12-20-1826 Carlisle,England  Ratified 1-16-1919

33-1916  3-5-1917  Democrat     Thomas Woodrow Wilson                            Dillon v Gloss,256 U.S.368(1921)

                                                    Lawyer(Princeton)Instructor                                                                   XIX 

                                                    Ph.D. Policical Science Johns Hopkins 1886                                Passed 6-4-1919 

                                                    Governor:New Jersey                                                             Ratified 8-18-1920

                                                    Did not win Popular/Majority vote 1912 or 1916

                                                    Died:2-3-1924 Acute Asthma and Stroke


34-1920 3-4-1921 Republican 28th Warren Gamaliel Harding        11-2-1865                Blooming Grove,Ohio

               29th Admin.               F:    George Tyron Harding             6-12-1844                Blooming Grove,Ohio

                                                M:    Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson   12-21-1843       near Blooming Grove,Ohio

                                                        Studied Law-Editor

                                                        Member:Ohio Senate

                                                        Lt. Governor:Ohio


                                                        Died:8-2-1923 Pneumonia


          8-3-1923    Republican 29th John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.            7-4-1872             Plymouth Notch,Vermont

          30th Admin.                   F:    John Calvin Coolidge                3-31-1845                      Plymouth,Vermont

                                               M:    Victoria Josephine Moor           3-14-1846                       Plymouth,Vermont

35-1924  3-4-1925  Republican      John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.

                                                       6th Vice-President to assume Presidency



                                                       Died:1-5-1933 Coronary Thrombosis


36-1928 3-4-1929 Republican 30th Herbert Clark Hoover              8-10-1874                      West Branch,Iowa

              31st Admin.                F:     Jesse Clark Hoover                  9-2-1846                             Stillwater,Ohio

                                                M:     Hulda Randall Minthorn            5-4-1848  Norwich,Oxford Co.,Canada

                                                         Engineer:self made Multimillionaire

                                                         Orphanned at 8, raised by Quaker relatives

                                                         Secretary of Commerce

                                                         Graduate Stanford Univ. 1895

                                                         Presidency only elected office 

                                                         Died:11-20-1964 Massive Internal Bleeding


37-1932 3-4-1933 Democrat  31st Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1-30-1882  Hyde Park,New York               XX

               32nd Admin.             F:    James Roosevelt               7-16-1828   Hyde Park,New York    Passed 3-2-1932

                                               M:    Sara Delano                      9-21-1854      Algonac,New York Ratified 1-23-1933  

38-1936  1-20-1937  Democrat      Franklin Delano Roosevelt                                                                  XXI

39-1940  1-20-1941  Democrat      Franklin Delano Roosevelt                                                      Passed 2-20-1933

40-1944  1-20-1945  Democrat      Franklin Delano Roosevelt                                                      Ratified 12-5-1933


                                                       Member:NY State Senate

                                                       Governor:New York

                                                       Only President elected more than twice

                                                       Died:4-5-1945 Cerebral Hemorrhage


         4-12-1945  Democrat    32nd Harry S. Truman                   5-8-1884         Lamar,Missouri

         33rd Admin.                   F:      John Anderson Truman    12-5-1851  Jackson Co.,Missouri             XXII

                                              M:      Martha Ellen Young       11-25-1852  Jackson City,Missouri   Passed 3-21-1947

41-1948 1-20-1949 Democrat         Harry S. Truman                                                                Ratified 2-27-1951    

                                                        7th Vice-President to assume Presidency

                                                        Veteran:World War I


                                                        Did not win Popular/Majority vote in 1948

                                                        Died:12-26-1972 Organic Failures


42-1952 1-20-1953 Republican 33rd Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower    10-14-1890                   Denison,Texas

               34th Admin.                 F:    David Jacob Eisenhower             9-23-1863     Elizabethville,Pennsylvania

                                                  M:    Ida Elizabeth Stover                  5-1-1862                 Mount Sidney,Virgina

43-1956  1-21-1957  Republican       Dwight David Eisenhower

                                                          West Point Graduate 1915

                                                          Veteran:World War II

                                                          Died:3-28-1969 Congestive Heart Failure


44-1960 1-20-1961 Democrat 34th John Fitzgerald Kennedy    5-29-1917    Brookline,Mass.      Passed 6-16-1960

               35th Admin.              F:     Joseph Patrick Kennedy    9-6-1888    East Boston,Mass.     Ratified 3-29-1961

                                               M:     Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald   7-21-1890         Boston,Mass.               XXIV

                                                        Lawyer(Harvard)                                                               Passed  8-27-1962

                                                        Veteran:World War II                                                         Ratified 1-23-1964

                                                        Member:House of Representatives


                                                        Did not win Popular/Majority vote in 1960

                                                        Died 11-22-1963 Assassinated


        11-22-1963  Democrat   35th Lyndon Baines Johnson           8-27-1908    near Stonewall,Texas

        36th Admin.                    F:     Samuel Ealy Johnson, Jr.        10-11-1877                   Buda,Texas

                                              M:     Rebekah "Lady Bird" Baines     6-26-1881             McKinney,Texas   XXV

45-1964  1-20-1965  Democrat      Lyndon Baines Johnson                                                           Passed 7-6-1965

                                                       Member:House of Representatives                                       Ratified 2-10-1967

                                                       Veteran:World War II


                                                       8th Vice-President to assume Presidency

                                                       Died:1-22-1973 Heart Attack


46-1968 1-20-1969 Republican 36th Richard Milhous Nixon      1-9-1913       Yorba Linda,California

               37th Admin.                 F:    Francis Anthony Nixon      12-3-1878                          Elk,Ohio

                                                  M:    Hannah Milhous                 3-7-1885            Butlerville,Indiana         XXVI

47-1972  1-20-1973  Republican       Richard Milhous Nixon                                                          Passed 3-23-1971

                                                          Lawyer(Duke)                                                                   Ratified 7-1-1971

                                                          Veteran:World War II

                                                          Member:House of Representatives

                                                          Did not win Popular/Majority vote in 1968

                                                          Impeached:Resigned 8-9-1974



           8-9-1974    Republican   37th Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.              7-14-1913       Omaha,Nebraska

           38th Admin.                     F:    Leslie Lynch King                         7-25-1881     Chadron,Nebraska

                                                  M:    Dorothy Ayer Gardner                       7-1892           Harvard,Illinois

                                                          Born:Leslie Lynch King, Jr.


                                                          Veteran:World War II

                                                          Member:House of Representatives

                                                          First Vice-President not elected 1974

                                                          9th Vice-President to assume Presidency

                                                          Survived two Assassination attempts



48-1976  1-20-1977 Democrat 38th James Earl Carter, Jr.           10-1-1924               Plains,Georgia

              39th Admin.                 F:    James Earl Carter                 9-12-1894     Calhoun Co.,Georgia

                                                 M:    Bessie Lillian Gordy              8-15-1898            Richland,Georgia

                                                         Graduate U. S. Naval Academy 1946

                                                         Membe:State Senate GA


                                                         Awarded Nobel Peace Prize 2002

                                                         Died: Not Yet


49-1980 1-20-1981 Republican 39th Ronald Wilson Reagan                 2-6-1911            Tampico,Illinois

              40th Admin.                  F:    John "Jack" Edward Reagan       7-13-1883               Fulton,Illinois

                                                  M:    Nellie Clyde Wilson                     7-24-1883               Fulton,Illinois

50-1984  1-2-1985  Republican         Ronald Wilson Reagan

                                                          Actor-First Divorced President


                                                          Survived Assassination attempt 3-20-1981

                                                          Died: 6-5-2004   Alzheimer's Disease


51-1988 1-20-1989 Republican 40th George Herbert Walker Bush        6-12-1924      Milton,Massachusetts

               41st Admin.                  F:    Prescott Sheldon Bush                 5-15-1895                 Columbus,Ohio

                                                   M:    Dorothy Walker                             7-1-1901                  York Co.,Maine

                                                          Graduate Yale Economics 1948

                                                          Veteran:World War II


                                                          Member:House of Representatives

                                                          Ambassador:United Nations                                                            XXVII

                                                          Died: Not Yet                                                                   Passed 9-25-1789

                                                                                                                                                 Ratified 5-7-1992

52-1992 1-20-1993  Democrat 41st William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton     8-19-1946          Hope,Arkansas

              42nd Admin.                F:    William Jefferson Blythe III          2-27-1918          Sherman,Texas         

                                                 M:    Virginia Dell Cassidy                      6-6-1923       Bodcaw,Arkansas       

53-1996  1-20-1997   Democrat       William Jefferson Clinton                                                  


                                                         Attorney General Arkansas

                                                         Did not win Popular/Majority vote in 1992 or 1996

                                                         First Impeached President since 1868 

                                                         Impeached:Not Convicted by Senate

                                                         Died: Not Yet


54-2000 1-20-2001 Republican 42nd  George Walker Bush                  7-6-1946      New Haven,Connecticut

              43rd Admin.                  F:      George Herbert Walker Bush   6-12-1924          Milton,Massachusetts

                                                  M:      Barbara Pierce                           6-8-1925                       Rye,New York

55-2004  1-20-2005  Republican         George Walker Bush

                                                            Graduate Harvard Business School MBA 1975


                                                            Son of 40th President of the 41st Administration

                                                            Did not win Popular/Majority vote in 2000

                                                            Supreme Court Decision Awarded Presidency

                                                            Died: Not Yet


56-2008 1-20-2009 Democrat 43rd   Barack Hussein Obama, II      8-4-1961                 Honolulu,Hawaii

               44th Admin.               F:      Barack Hussen Obama, Sr.                     Nyanza Province,Kenya

                                                M:      Ann Dunham Stanley                                               Wichita,Kansas

57-2012  1-20-2013  Democrat         Barack Hussein Obama, II     


                                                          State Senate Illinois


                                                          Awarded:Nobel Prize 2009

                                                          Died: Not Yet

58-2016  1-20-2017  Republican 44th