The National Society of Natural-Born Citizens of the United States

Herbert Hoover was NOT a Natural Born Citizen

     Herbert Clark Hoover was born in West Branch, Iowa, August 10, 1874, and after serving as President of the 31st Administration and being the 30th person to take the Presidential Oath of Office, died in New York City, October 20, 1964. 
     His father was American born Jesse Clark Hoover, born September 2, 1846 in Stillwater, Ohio and died the 13th of December, 1880 in West Branch, Iowa. 
     His mother was Canadian born and naturalized as an American citizen before her marriage to Jesse Clark.   She was born Hulda Randall Minthorn, on May 4, 1848 in Norwich, Canada, and died February 22, 1884 in West Branch, Iowa leaving the young Herbert Hoover an orphan to be raised by relatives. 
     Young Herbert having been under the foreign influence of his Canadian born mother did not meet the requirement to be a natural born citizen and was not eligible to be President.   
Richard Carl Shellhorn
Executive Director