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      Part one of "Notes on the Notes of James Madison at the 1787 Convention"  is now available by pdf.  Send your request to  Part one covers the period from the start of the Convention until July 2, 1787.  The Convention recessed for the celebrations scheduled for July 3 and July 4.  You will be getting an easy to read condensed account of what the Deputies said either in their entirety or sometimes only a sentence.  Key words are highlighted.  Words in parenthesis and italics were that way in the notes.  Brackets are used to identify votes and activity that took place.  Without understanding how our Constitution was formed you will not be able to understand the history of that formations foundation.  

     Part two of the notes are complete and ready to be sent to you upon request.  Part two continues, following the July 3rd and 4th recess, from July 5 through July 26.  The Convention again recessed at that time so the Committee of Detail could put the work of the Convention into a form laid out in the manor of the sample proposed by Mr. Pinckney.  Part three will be on the work of that Committee which brought back to the Convention on August 5 an outline and text of a Constitution as had been determined by the votes up to July 26.  Enjoy reading how our Constitution was formed.  

     Part three of the notes are complete and ready to be sent to you upon request.  This part covers the period between July 27th and August 5th during which time the Committee of Detail met to put what had been agreed to into a form of Constitution.  There were only five men on this Committee, John Rutledge being the most prominent.