The National Society of Natural-Born Citizens of the United States

A Letter to Mr. Trump

Trump Make America Great Again Committee

PO Box 1776

Merrifield, VA 22116-9400

Dear Mr. Trump,  

     I am all in favor of making America great again.  The way to that goal is by observing the law established by our Constitution, the Supreme Law.  Our Legislature, Judiciary and Executive are currently not constituted in observance of the Supreme Law.

     In the election of 2008, I voted for a natural born citizen, Republican Senator John McCain.  In the election of 2012, I voted for a natural born citizen, Republican Mitt Romney.  In both instances, the Democrat candidate was not a natural born citizen.

     When Mr. Obama fooled the undereducated citizen to vote for him, all the time knowing he was not eligible, he violated his oath to support the Constitution.  Congress accepted the illegal Electoral votes for him and awarded him a position that he is not eligible to hold.  It is not the first time both Houses of Congress have permitted ineligible persons to hold a seat in the National Legislature, the Executive branch and as members of the Supreme Judiciary branch.  

     You, Sir, are not a natural born citizen as required by the definition provided by our Constitution and I will not be able to vote for you and observe obedience to the Supreme Law.  This is not to say that I will be voting for your Democrat opponent who is also not included in the Constitutions' definition of natural born citizen.  

     The Republican Party gains their support from the knowledgeable and principled citizens of the United States.  The Democrat Party, composed of small special interest groups, collectively outnumber the majority.  This phenomenon was discussed during the debates forming our Constitution, that the minority could defeat a majority if the minorities acted collectively.  Having observed this principle, together, Jefferson and Madison formed the Democrat Party around the inclusion of minorities who are presented with rewards of entitlement contrary to the principle of majority rule.  

     The way you will be best able to Make America Great Again is, should you loose this election, is do what neither Senator McCain nor Governor Romney could do if they wished to salvage a political future.  Neither of them took their case to the Judiciary to determine that the Democrat candidate is not eligible to hold the position of Chief Magistrate, or, President. 

     On reading our Constitution, you will note that the responsibilities of the President are the responsibilities of a male gender person.  Persons of the female gender were provided by the 19th Amendment the law necessary to the privilege of suffrage for that gender under the National Constitution.  No Amendment has been proposed or ratified by the States to provide the law necessary for a person of the female gender to hold any elected position National Government or appointed position in the National Government that requires the "advice and Consent" of the Senate. 

     As a lawyer, Hillary Clinton, as well as the female Justices of the Judiciary branch, having received a poor education of Constitutional law, should know, if taught properly, that the gender, based on the decision of Minor v. Happersett, that that gender not only did not have the right to vote, under the National Constitution, that gender also did not have eligibility to either of the two distinct bodies of men, composing our Legislature, or the Judiciary, for which, that gender, at the time of the formation of the Constitution, were not receiving any education of law for qualifying them to hold the title of lawyer or a position as a Justice of the Court.

    I would, and most Americans, I am sure, would be interested in hearing Mrs. Clinton's response to a debate question asking which Amendment to the Constitution provided the female gender the law necessary to hold the office of President.  I would just as much enjoy hearing your response, should you be asked, why you think you are a natural born citizen.  There is a distinction between native born and natural born.  Native born was rejected in favor of natural born. 

     Entitlement.  It is only fair and right.  Everyone should be eligible.  If everyone is entitled to do whatever he or she wants to do, why have any law?  The Deputies understood the people needed a Constitution of Law by which to govern the country.  They conveniently provided the means to change the Constitution.  Contrary to the suggestion of former Attorney General Eric Holder, the Government does not have the option of disobeying the Law anymore than any citizen has, if he or she does not approve of the Law.  The Law needs to be changed and current Law needs to be enforced.  

     Should you choose to take this case to adjudication you must have the female gender Justices recuse themselves from participation in the case.  Because they are going to be directly affected by the decision they cannot participate in the decision.  It may not be fair and right, just the Law. 


Richard Carl Shellhorn

Executive Director